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Hermosa Beach is an affluent beachfront city located in southwestern Los Angeles.  The city is located in the South Bay and is one of the three Beach Cities.  Hermosa Beach is bordered by the other two, Manhattan Beach to the north and Redondo Beach to the south and east.  Of the three Beach Cities, only Hermosa Beach owns its own beach.  Los Angeles County owns the other two cities beaches.  With a population @19,500 and just shy of 1.5sq. miles, it is a very quaint and special beach town.  Known for its ideal weather and world-class beach, Hermosa Beach is an amazing city to live.  The city is very small and extends only about 15 blocks from east to west and 40 blocks from north to south, with Pacific Coast Highway running down the middle.

The median home prices are @ $1,500,000 and more affordable than its neighboring city Manhattan Beach.  Hermosa Beach has only two schools but they are both excellent.  Hermosa View is the elementary school (K-3) and Hermosa Valley is the elementary & middle school (4-8) and highly ranked nationally.

With its wide, flat beach, Hermosa Beach is one of the most popular places in the world for beach volleyball, and is home to the AVP Hermosa Beach Open tournament, which usually takes place mid June each year.  With an average daytime air temperature of 75 °F and water temperature of 68 °F in the summer (winter temperatures are 65 °F and 50 °F respectively), the beach is, of course, also the center for other popular activities, such as sunbathing, surfing, swimming and other beach activities.  In July and August, the city puts on free Sunset Concerts at the pier, bringing visitors from all over the LA area to the sand for an evening picnic and lots of fun.

The Strand runs along the beach, from Redondo Beach in the south to Santa Monica roughly 20 miles to the north of Hermosa Beach.  On a typical day, you see thousands of people on rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles as well as joggers and people strolling along this path, enjoying the sun and the sights.  Throughout the city, you also find plenty of parks, with lush green trees offering a nice shade on a warm day.  The Hermosa Valley Greenbelt, a lovely linear trail running through the city from south to north, is filled with joggers in the mornings and evenings.

There are architecturally diverse residences on the Strand, bungalows scattered throughout the town, and multilevel homes in the hills with ocean views. The City has police and fire departments, a skate park, green belt, community theater, and senior center.

This lively beach city is also well known for its entertainment offerings including live music from rock to blues to jazz.  Festivals and special events abound on weekends.  The three-day weekends of Memorial Day and Labor Day bring thousands of visitors to the Fiesta Hermosa street fair, which has been a tradition for many years, features hundreds of crafters and artists and live bands. In addition, Hermosa Beach is well known for its many tasty and diverse restaurants.

Hermosa Beach is divided into three distinct areas:  Sand Section, Hermosa Valley and East Hermosa.

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Sand Section


The Sand Section is all property west of Valley and adjacent to the Pacific Ocean.  The area is walking distance to the beach, downtown Hermosa, Hermosa Pier and walk streets.

Here are some notable facts about the area:

North of Pier Ave

  • Predominantly single family homes north of 19th St
  • New construction homes in the 3,600sf – 4,200sf range
  • Original Beach homes in the 900sf – 2,000sf range
  • Typical lot sizes range from 2,100sf to 3,000sf
  • “Walkstreet” homes off of the Strand (16th – 20th Streets) and in 200 blocks of 30th & 31st Streets

West of Valley

  • Newer homes in the 4,500sf range.
  • Original homes in the 1,200-1,600sf range
  • In some areas 5000-7000sf lots

South of Pier Ave

  • Mix of single family, townhouse and condominiums
  • Newer townhouse sizes in the 1,900 – 2,300sf range
  • Original Beach homes in the 900sf – 2,000sf range
  • “Walkstreet” homes off of the Strand (3rd – 9th Street)

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Hermosa Valley

Walking Path Valley and Ardmore_ Maggie Gillespie

The Hermosa Valley is located between Valley and Pacific Coast Highway.  This area is near Hermosa Valley Park & school, Hill section and close proximity to green belt.

Here are some notable facts about the area:

North of Pier

  • Predominantly single family homes
  • Newer homes in the 2,000-4,500sf range
  • Original homes in the 1,200-2,000sf range
  • Lot sizes in the 2,500-5,000sf and larger
  • Elevation change from Ardmore Road to PCH provides opportunities for ocean view
  • Unique pocket north of Gould provides lots over 4000sf and great view potential

South of Pier

  • Predominantly townhouses, ranging from 1,900-2,800sf
  • Some ocean views from the higher elevations

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Hermosa Hills/ East Hermosa


Hermosa Hills is all properties located east of Pacific Coast Highway.  Lots of views, easy access to PCH, Price tends to be lower.

Here are some notable facts about the area:

  • Larger lots and ocean views.
  • Predominantly single family homes.
  • Newer home sizes vary from 2,000-4,000sf
  • Original home sizes vary from 900-1,500sf
  • Lot sizes 2,500-6,000sf.
  • Topography offers many options for ocean and city views.

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