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Manhattan Beach is a small coastal city in southwestern Los Angeles.  Located south of El Segundo and north of Hermosa Beach, It is one of the three (3) Beach Cities that make up the South Bay.  With a population @ 35,000 and just shy of 4 sq. miles, it is one of the best beach cities in the country.  Known for its ideal weather and world-class beaches, Manhattan Beach has become a highly desirable city to call home.

The median home prices are approaching $2,000,000 although there are still some opportunities under $1,000,000. Manhattan Beach is known for its excellent school system, including its one public high school, Mira Costa High School that was recently ranked in the top 1% of high schools nationally.  In addition, the city has an incredible downtown.  “Downtown” Manhattan Beach is considered the heart of the city.  This area runs along Manhattan Beach Blvd and the streets perpendicular to the Manhattan Beach Pier and Valley Drive.  There are many Zagat top-rated casual-fine dining restaurants, specialty boutiques and retailers that create a pedestrian friendly, mixed-use downtown center.  Also located downtown is the Metlox site.  The Metlox site, where the pottery factory once stood for decades, was closed in the early 1990s and redeveloped into a mixed-use center. The Metlox site includes a luxury boutique hotel, spa, restaurants, shops and underground parking.

Manhattan Beach also has so much more to offer.  There are amazing parks like Sand Dune, Bruce’s Beach, Live Oak and Pollywog for family enjoyment, picnics, recreation and concerts.  In addition, there is Veterans Parkway Greenbelt (also known as “The Woodchips”).  This 4 mile wood chip path is situated between Valley and Ardmore Ave and extends from Sepulveda to Herondo St.  This path is home to many runners, dog walkers and nature lovers.

The city is divided into 6 distinct neighborhoods:  Sand Section, Tree Section, Hill Section, Manhattan Village, Manhattan Heights/Liberty Village and Mira Costa.

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Sand Section


This area starts at Homer Street on the south end, 45th (El Porto area) on the north end.  The “Sand Section” has some of the best oceanfront homes on the west coast.  These homes stretch along the bike path and walking lane of “The Strand”. “The Strand” section of Manhattan Beach includes some of the most expensive real estate per square foot in the United States. Since 2010, new property developments in Manhattan Beach cannot exceed two lot parcels. Size and appearance restrictions were enacted by the Manhattan Beach City Council to preserve the appearance of the beachfront community after three lots were joined to create a 16,000 square foot oceanside home in 2008.  In addition, this area is notable for its quiet walk-street neighborhoods adjacent to the ocean.

Here are some notable facts about the area:

Manhattan Beach Strand

  • “The Strand” is the small, beachfront section of the Manhattan Beach Real Estate. It has some of the most expensive homes for sale. These homes are on narrow lots that occupy about 25 feet of Manhattan Beachfront property that runs parallel to the coast.
  • Strand lots are 33.3 x 100 or 33.3 x 105.

Sand Section west of Ardmore divided into 4 areas

  • South: 1st to 15th Street. Most expensive, currently selling more than the north end. 1st – 8th ease of Highland – “Walk Streets” are family oriented.
  • Central: 16th to Marine. Great views east of Highland. Homes 16th – 21st Street best value (less $ than South MB).
  • North: 22nd to 36th. Great Views east of Highland.
  • North Manhattan (El Porto): Rosecrans to 44th. Closest to Chevron Refinery. Public parking lot looks over Strand – not homes.

Walk Streets

9 night walkstreet

  • Walk street properties are highly sought after in Manhattan Beach. These Manhattan Beach homes have one side of the property facing a pedestrian walk street. They offer a lot of oceanfront views available with more privacy and less pedestrian traffic.
  • Lot size: 30 x 90. Patios on the walk street properties are actually easements owned by the city, which require homeowners to obtain permits for work done.
  • Walk street homes are a mix between smaller cottage/bungalow style homes and new construction on high end, contemporary luxury homes.
  • South end walk streets east of Highland Ave are the flat walk streets, which are great for families with children. There is no traffic on the sidewalk street.  This area starts at 4th and goes to 10th.
  • North end walk streets north of 16th are on slope lots with great views. These walk streets run from 16th-20th St, 24th, 25th, 29th-35th.

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Tree Section


The Tree Section is north east of the Sand Section and home to many local families. Similar to the Sand Section most of this area is within walking distance to town and the beach, but offers slightly larger lots and allowing for homes to be a little farther apart. The Tree Section is made up of quaint neighborhoods with a small town feel.  The name was derived from the diverse collection of mature trees that line many of the streets there.  Many of the streets are named after this area…Maple, Palm, Poinsettia, Walnut, Pine, Elm and Oak.  The small town atmosphere in the Tree Section creates close-knit neighborhoods.

Here are some notable facts about the area:

  • Predominantly single family homes
  • 1600+ homes
  • Newer homes in the 3,200-3,700sf range
  • Original homes in the 1,200-1,800sf range
  • Most lots are 40’ wide, and the length varies: 108’, 112’, 116’, 120’, 126’ and 135’
  • Height limit of 26’, two stories, possible basement
  • 18th & 19th Streets offer some larger lots, closer to town
  • 17th Street is a Cul-de-sac that dead ends into American Martyrs
  • 36th St., 35th St., and the north side of 33rd St. are 135 deep lots with alleys
  • American Martyrs is often the most expensive area in the tree section
  • Between Pacific and Poinsettia and 17th and 18th Streets are the

largest lots in the tree section.

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Hill Section


The Hill Section is South East of the Sand Section and offers the most expensive properties off “The Strand”.  Because of its rolling nature, many of the homes have ocean and/or city views. The lots are generally larger and have space for large yards.

Here are some notable facts about the area:

  • Predominantly single family homes
  • 1100+ Homes
  • Lot sizes in the 5,000-7,500sf range
  • Some larger lots sizes in the 10,000-12,000sf range
  • Newer homes in the 5,000sf + range
  • Height limit of 26’
  • West side offers views provides ocean views
  • East side offers views of the city
  • Wider streets for more privacy and space

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Manhattan Village


Manhattan Village is a secluded, private, guard gated area of Manhattan Beach.  This area has an exclusive collection of 400 custom Town Homes, Court Homes and Estate Homes representing the finest in private beach living.  The community has a community pool + spa area, four additional spas within the community and a quiet family atmosphere.  One of the biggest draws to this area is the serenity and beauty that exists throughout.  The community is low density, which allows for lots of lush landscaping and open space.

Here are some notable facts about the area:

  • Planned and gated development
  • Single family homes in the 2,500-3,500sf range
  • Townhouses in the 1,400-2,500sf range
  • 400+ Homes
  • Common area pool + spa
  • Association fees $200-$450/mo.
  • Adjacent to golf course
  • Private entrance to Manhattan Village

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MB Heights/Liberty Village

Polywog Park

East of Sepulveda or more widely known as Pacific Coast Highway, is East Manhattan. MB Heights/ Liberty Village is at the north end and Mira Costa to the south end.  Just over a mile from the beach, this section allows for bigger lots and more separation from one’s neighbors. Residents migrating from the east coast seem to feel more at home here, with the formal sidewalks and large front and back yards.

MB Heights/Liberty Village is bordered by Sepulveda to the west, Marine to the north, Aviation to the east and Manhattan Blvd to the south.

Here are some notable facts about the area:

  • Predominantly single family homes
  • xx Homes
  • Some condominiums and townhouses along MB Blvd
  • Lot sizes in the 5,000-7,500sf range with most in the 5000sf range
  • Newer homes in the 4,000sf + range
  • Original homes in the 1200-1800sf range
  • Height limit of xx

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Mira Costa


Just to the south of MB Heights/Liberty Village is the Mira Costa area.  The Mira Costa area is bordered by Sepulveda to the west, Manhattan Beach Blvd to the north, Aviation Blvd to the east and Artesia Blvd to the south.

This area is named after the only high school, Mira Costa High School, which is located on the southern border.  Also known for its views, sloping streets and some very large homes, Mira Costa also has a very exclusive area called the Poet Section because its streets are named after famous poets:  Keats, Longfellow and Tennyson.  The lots and homes in this area are very large and special.

Here are some notable facts about the area:

  • Predominantly single family homes
  • xx Homes
  • Lot sizes in the 5,000-7,500sf range, with most in the 5,000sf range
  • Newer homes in the 4,500sf + range
  • Original homes in the 1200-1800sf range
  • Larger lots provides yard opportunities and potential for pools
  • Height limit is xx

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