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Jason C

As a 1st time home buyer in an expensive area, it’s tough not to just pick the right house but the right broker. The SouthBay has dozens of them but I found the best one by far (referred by a happy client)….John Bathurst is a 5 star top notch broker from soup to nuts.

John is not just a broker, but a local educator/mentor/expert who advises you through the entire process…..location, what you get for the money (short time and long term), tours, recommending the right vendor partners (movers, loan agents, banks, etc), how to pick the perfect place to fit your needs, how to get the highest/lowest price, how to close the deal, etc. He holds your hand through the entire process from start to finish, so nothing gets dropped.

Personality traits – likeable, thorough, responsible, detail oriented, patient, honest, integrity, doesnt feather/fold, and when the time is right will be lighting focus and persistent to close a deal.

Dont just hire your friend or who you know, hire a reputable business person who has all the above personality/work qualities which will make the process easier/better and make it happen.

I HIGHLY recommend John Bathurst to be your next broker. I would not be in my new house without him (previous brokers just wanted the deal and walk away). LOVE my new house!