• John Bathurst
  • 03/22/22


 Why you should make updates before listing your home.

  • Small changes are impactful and can add value to your home sale.
  • New wood flooring can yield 106% ROI
  • New roofing may provide you a cost recovery of 107%
  • Planting trees can result in 100% + ROI
  • Curb appeal can increase your home value by 7-14%


The key is making the right changes that will add value. And, through Compass Concierge, O can help you update and increase the value of your home, with any upfront costs or interest. When your home sells you simply pay back the cost of the services provided.

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John’s success in real estate is a result of his hyper-local knowledge of the market & uncompromised commitment to his clients.

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